We're Done!

Passy, bink, plug...there are a million different names for pacifiers, but we're done with them!  On June 8th, we got home from a run and Reagan was asleep in her car seat.  I brought her inside and noticed that she didn't have her pacifier in as usual.  Right then and there, I decide to do a trial run for the day without using them.  She normally only has a pacifier during car trips, naps and bedtime, so I wasn't really in any hurry to make her quit, but I figured that the sooner, the better.  I didn't want her to develop a name for them and constantly be looking all over the place for one.  
The trial went better than expected and we haven't used one since.  I shared this exciting news after the first successful day with Fil, but was too afraid to tell anyone else for fear of jinxing our progress.  After the third day sans pacifier, I told EVERYONE!  I'm so proud of our little bug.  She's done such a good job with the transition.  Now the only thing we have to have is her "Frank":

Whenever Reagan wakes up, she's clutching "Frank" by his neck-bolt and refuses to let go.  Some babies have a blankie, or a teddy bear, but not our girl...  She's attached to her free Hallmark Frankenstein doll that Grandma gave her:)  I'm not even considering taking this guy away, so I guess he'll be around for good!  


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