Serious Separation Anxiety!

On Tuesday, 14 June, we headed out for a run with the Stroller Warriors (Tommy came too) and then immediately jumped in the car and drove to Woodbridge, VA to visit family and celebrate Michael's graduation and Father's Day.  This was our second daytime trip, and Reagan did very well, especially considering her pacifier is no longer in play.

We hung out with Grandma & Grandpa on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we visited Great Grandma Linda.  She didn't get to spend too much time holding Reagan, but we did manage to get at least one good picture:

On Wednesday evening, we celebrated Kristin's birthday (belated) with a wonderful dinner of buttermilk fried chicken & twice baked potatoes made by Cindi.  Reagan LOVED her potato!  After dinner and a bath, Reagan was happy, so she played with her favorite Uncle Geoffrey:

On Thursday, Rick went to the US Open with his brothers, so we stayed home and played with Grandma for a bit.  Then, Reagan and I took advantage of being in a civilized place and went shopping for a bit:)  Before dinner, Grandpa and I took Reagan to the pool!  Then, Cindi tested a new recipe of low-carb noodles with radishes, edamame, cilantro and a delicious dressing.  Another hit!

On Friday, I got my first taste of freedom!  After putting Reagan down for her second nap, I headed north to Alexandria to attend Michael's HS graduation:

After the ceremony, Michael's aunt & uncle treated a large group of us to a fabulous dinner at La Bergerie in Old Town Alexandria.  It was quite a place and we had an entire room to ourselves.  I had an amazing caprese salad to start and then a black truffle pasta dish for my entree.  I followed this with an assortment of sorbets (and then traded with Taylor for her chocolate mousse!).  It was incredible.  

Meanwhile, Reagan was living it up with Grandma & Grandpa at the local Dairy Queen where she consumed approximately 8 ounces of vanilla ice cream (which made another appearance at 4:45 am!).  I'm told that she was fairly well behaved, so I was happy.  It was so nice to leave her and not worry for a second!

On Saturday, we headed back to the pool, but this time we had Kristin & Geoffrey with us!

Then we went back up to Alexandria for Michael's graduation pig roast.  Reagan was super clingy, but I managed to hand her off to Aunt Lisa while I ate and again later for a bit with Grandpa while she took a catnap.  

On Sunday, we celebrate Father's Day in an unusual fashion:  Grandpa cooked and served breakfast for all of us!  It was delicious and Reagan loves Grandpa's waffles!  Then she helped him open his presents:

On Sunday afternoon, we went south to Stafford and celebrated Father's Day with Uncle Scott, Aunt Sheri, Lindsay, Colin, Tutu, Uncle Chris, Aunt Lori, Nick, Caitlin, Kellen & Brody, and Grandma and Grandpa Campbell.  Naturally there was way too much food and I was stuffed when we left!  It was great to see everyone and we also congratulated Lindsay on finishing her Physical Therapy program.  She celebrated by studying for her certification as a licensed physical therapist (which she aced).  

Grandpa Ted & his children (minus Uncle Dave the Great) on Father's Day

Chew toy?  Sharing a coaster with Uncle Chris!

On Monday, we relaxed and annoyed Geoffrey while he worked from home.  Cindi made yet another delicious meal: noodles with a sesame/peanut sauce and grilled chicken!  After dinner, Geoffrey went for a bike ride, but performed a few tricks for us first:

Tuesday morning, Fil whipped my butt in a friendly game of tennis, and then on Tuesday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate ourselves silly.  Reagan was unusually happy that night and didn't go to bed until almost 10!  We did get another video of her taking some steps though to send to Jason, so it was well worth it.  On Wednesday, I packed the car and we headed back home.  While I packed, Grandpa entertained Reagan.  I got a good picture of them through the storm door:

Reagan with her favorite walking partner

And finally, back to the title...Reagan was basically attached to me throughout the entire week.  She clung to me in fear that I might hand her off to someone else and leave for good:)  Here's the face we saw a lot of:

Why are you doing this to me?!


  1. Poor girl, she looks so unhappy in that last picture! I'm sure it's just a phase she'll go through. And you made the best of the trip based on all the other pictures.

    P.S. I'm reporting you guys to PETA for the mistreatment of that pig!

  2. Sounds like a fun and action packed trip.

    I was wondering if Jess would have something to say about the pig.


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