Another Project

In NC, we spent HOURS around our fire pit (that we purchased when we lived in GA). It was a wonderful centerpiece for many gatherings with our friends and we were sad when we had to leave it behind (it was seriously a hazard by the end of our time there!). Luckily, we recently purchased a new fire pit for the house in VA! Jason spent all day on Sunday burning wood and breaking in the fire pit.

On Monday morning (it was Veteran's day so he was off again!), we loaded up the car and headed to Home Depot. We bought some pavers and a few other things and returned home. While I worked inside, Jason got busy building a small "patio" for our fire pit. This was necessary for safety because no one wants a wobbly fire pit with a toddler and dog around!

As I was taking pictures of the worker bee, I noticed that someone else wanted to watch!

So meticulous! 

Final product!


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