Now That's A Lot Of Wood!

On Friday morning, Jason drove to the Pentagon around 5:45 for a run to celebrate the 237th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. He was home shortly after 8 and we enjoyed a great day together. He developed a plan, somehow conned his father into driving to Mt Vernon (and bringing a chainsaw:) to help with a project. I posted earlier that we were lucky enough to get several truckloads of wood from a downed tree nearby, and though Jason was methodically splitting all the logs in a timely manner, we were still left with the problem of storing it (it needs to dry out).

That's where Jason's plan comes in...

After splitting even more logs, Jason and Fil got the chainsaw going and dropped two dead trees in the back part of the lot. Then, I casually said, "Hey, you should cut that one down. Sandy almost knocked it over!" Within minutes, the space was cleared and Fil was cutting the tree into smaller logs!

This is the tree as it started to fall. Just one of many covered in ivy.

Reagan was an absolute trooper as she hung out with us in the yard all day. She even fetched beers for Jason and Rick as they began their project. 

Fil cutting up the downed tree 

Here's a close up of the ivy! This stuff is ridiculously invasive and has taken over a large part of the yard here!

Once the trees were cut down and the majority of the logs had been split, Jason and Fil headed out to the hardware store to gather supplies. They returned shortly after with a small load of lumber and got to work.

Jason definitely looks like the "supervisor" here:)


They built a very large wooden frame for most of the split wood. The idea was to get it up off the ground and cover it with a tarp, so that by spring, it can be burned. As soon as they moved it into place, I decided to join the crew and assist with the stacking of the cut firewood...boy was that a terrible idea:) It was quite the dirty job, but at the end, it looked great and we have more than enough wood to burn. Here's the final product with two guys who were VERY happy to be finished!


  1. Jim & Brian just cut down two trees while building Brian's workshop. We still need to cut up the wood but we don't have a wood burning fireplace (much to Brian's dismay) so we have been lazy about it. J and Rick did a great job. Also, I can't get over how long Reagan's hair is. So pretty. Oh and I HATE IVY. I have a strong hatred for it.


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