Playgroup Reunited in VA!

As you know, I had the best playgroup ever when we lived in NC! Reagan loves her playgroup friends, and I love their mommies! However, we're all tied to the military, and sadly, several of us have moved away. Luckily for us, the Marine Corps is a relatively small organization, so chances of us all crossing paths again is high! That brings me to today's post...last Friday morning, three of the original playgroup gals and their kiddos came to our new house in Mt Vernon for a playdate!!  We had such a great time. The toddlers fell back into their normal routine with each other...mainly parallel play, but more interaction than at previous meetings, and Declan just sat and took it all in:

Here they are eating fruit and waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven:

And post lunch play in Reagan's room! What's the fun of having a queen size bed if you and your three friends can't jump on it, right?!

Got some individual shots of the "big" kids:

Connor mid jump

Reagan displaying her Weasel face

Hailey and her super trendy, awesome outfit

Sienna playing in the dirt

And here are the newest additions to the original playgroup: Scarlett (with Nikki on the left) and Alivia (with Amber on the right). Beautiful babies with their beautiful mamas!

Even though I haven't found a group like this here, I was thrilled to host our very first VA playgroup with my favorite moms and kiddos! But we sure did miss Maureen, Sean & Cormac, Pam, Caliana, & Luca, Anna & Jameson, and Alissa & Laurali!


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