Leaf Castle

At our NC house, we had two trees, both super tall and skinny, both equally ugly. However, they served their purpose...holding up my hammock and a clothes line. That being said, we were really excited when we moved to Mt Vernon and discovered the most beautiful silver maple tree just behind our house. The rest of the yard looks (we're in the process of fixing it) like a jungle, but this tree is gorgeous! Moving in at the beginning of October was the perfect time to enjoy the red, yellow and orange colors of this beauty:

Pictures don't capture it at all!

After a couple weeks in the house, enough leaves had fallen that we were able to create a "leaf castle" for the little princess! Jason brought out the leaf blower and made a huge pile. Reagan had a great time jumping in them, tossing them overhead, and burying herself.

The scrape below her nose is from falling off the couch earlier in the week. Yeah, we're great parents!

What I didn't miss about these big trees with their spectacular leaves was the raking and bagging of leaves that must take place once they fall to the ground! This small pile filled 8 bags. Since Sandy, I've filled another 22 and only made it 40% of the way through the yard! Still, it's gorgeous and I'm so happy it is ours for the next three years!


  1. those are some beautiful leaves and I know Reagan had fun playing in them. I was excited about having trees here (we didnt have any in asheville) until all those leaves started falling. well I still love the trees but have put off cleaning up their "mess" for too long now...guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend :)


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