Visit From NC Friends

On Saturday, November 3rd, our friends, Katie and Gray, brought their two adorable little girls to visit. Reagan and Chloe saw each other almost daily for the last 10 months of our time in NC and missed each other like crazy! That morning, we had gone over to a friend's house to watch them cut up a giant tree in the front yard (Jason was actually doing work). After watching for a bit, Reagan and I headed to the store to get some stuff for that evening's dinner. As we were slowly walking through the store, Katie called and said, "We're right around the corner!" We raced through the remaining aisles and checked out as quickly as possible. Luckily, the store is only about a mile away! As we drove up, Reagan saw Gray's truck and started screaming with excitement! The girls immediately hugged and kissed without skipping a beat! I really wish I had my video camera.

As soon as the car was unloaded, Jason and four of the men he was chopping wood with arrived with two truckloads of logs. Gray was immediately handed a pair of gloves and recruited in the work effort. Katie, Chloe, Nora, Reagan and I hung out in the playroom and got reacquainted while the guys finished up another truckload. Once that was finished, we bundled up the girls and headed outside to the backyard:

We took turns pulling the girls around in the wagon and they had a blast!

I raked up a small pile of leaves and let the girls jump in them and toss them around. 

Nora looked so sweet in her hat and jacket!

Best picture from the weekend...these girls were seriously happy to see one another!

Reagan was glued to Gray's side during their entire visit:)

We enjoyed a nice dinner of BBQ chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes before bathing the girls and putting them down. After that, we reminisced around the old Citronella candle (the fire pit's arrival was delayed by Sandy) with a few beers. 


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