Fort Hunt Play Expo

Since moving to Virginia, we haven't met too many friends (for me and Reagan). When we were in NC, we knew so many great women and kiddos from our involvement in Stroller Warriors and from Jason's unit, but we don't have a running club here and Jason's job is very different, so there's really not a good way for us to find friends. Well, we could sit around and mope about it, or we could do something, right?!

We chose to do something! I signed up for the Alexandria Mom's club. It's for women with children ages 0-5 years, and they offer several options for activities, playdates, coffees, etc. They have a website where tons of these events are posted, and while browsing the page recently, I found a link for the Fort Hunt Play Expo. It's was being held at a preschool/church in the local area this past Saturday, so I decided we needed to make the plunge and go do something! And I'm so glad we did. The weather was unseasonably warm and absolutely gorgeous. Reagan had a blast doing all the activities and I met a few ladies from the group, so now I can start joining in on more activities!

Here are some pictures from the Expo:

We were among the first to arrive and took advantage of no lines! Here's Reagan with some of the animals from the petting zoo exhibit! She had the pen all to herself:)

Once we finished petting the animals, we headed over to the pony rides. Reagan wanted to ride the white horse and wasn't a bit scared. This guy (above) picked her up, set her on the horse and she LOVED it!

First time on a pony!

By this point, the crowd began to grow, so we quickly made our way to the bounce house before it got too crowded. I almost had to go in after her she was having so much fun.

Next up, tattoos! 

Reagan selected a purple glitter butterfly.

We ventured inside the auditorium and saw some amazing yo-yo demonstrations and then this guy showed us something I've never seen before...a giant spinning top that he threw around on a string! I'm not sure how it worked, but we sat and watched for 10 minutes because it was so cool! 

As we were playing hopscotch on a mat set up by a local botanical garden crew, a woman with a guitar came in and announced they would be doing a music class in another room. Reagan immediately hopped up and joined the "parade!" 

First we sang songs and played with scarves...

Then they brought out an assortment of instruments and she loved that too!

After the music class, we headed back outside for round 2 of the tattoos!

This time, she selected a green glitter skull and crossbones!

With all that fun under our belts, we decided to head home. What a wonderful time!


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