Back To Life...Back To Reality...

Happy Aunt Sheri?! :)

Ok, so as all of you know, at the end of August, we moved to Virginia. We spent nearly 6 weeks with Mil & Fil before moving into our new rental home in Mt. Vernon. I doubt there are many daughters-in-law that could say this, but honestly, I really enjoyed that time! I cannot thank them enough for all they did to help us transition and to give us a break from parenthood! I'd love to go back and fill in the details of the past couple months, but unfortunately I can't. This is why...

Upon moving in, we unpacked as quickly as possible. I eventually got around to booting up the computer and it seemed to be slow, but working ok. We didn't have internet set up, so I was really just interested in dumping 1000+ pictures I had taken on to the machine. I managed to get them all on the computer, but sadly, it crashed before any of the images were backed up!!! There goes August and September 2012:( Alas, there are worse tragedies in life, so I will not dwell on this one. Computer fixed. Lesson learned. Press on.

That brings us to one GORGEOUS Saturday in October for the UVA v. Maryland football game. Jason, Reagan and I woke early on the 13th and loaded up the car. We met Mil, Fil, Uncle Dave (the great), Aunt Steph, Pop, and Cole (Brett joined us a little later) for a tailgate feast. The weather could not have been more perfect, and spirits were high. Random bunches of us wandered off to the book store in search of UVA attire, while others sat around drinking beer and eating chili with the best cornbread EVER and lots of other snacks. Once Brett joined us, Reagan was even happier...she thinks he is her boyfriend:)

Fil and Reagan took a trip to the bookstore and returned with matching hats! So cute!!

Here's the crew. No idea what Uncle Dave is doing in the back:)

Just before game time, we packed up the tailgate supplies and made our way to the stadium. Fil, Reagan and I sat together:

And Mil, Jason, Dave, Steph, Cole and Pop sat in the other section:

And though the Wahoo performance left something to be desired, we had a fantastic time with family and Reagan absolutely enjoyed her second UVA football game! 


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