Happy (Belated) Anniversary MeeMaw & PeePaw!!

Last Sunday, Jason's grandparents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary!!! We were lucky enough to join them for lunch that afternoon and spend some time with two amazing people who set such a wonderful example for all the younger people in their lives! 

Reagan got dressed up for the occasion, so I grabbed a few pictures of her before we left. Strangely, whenever I tell her to "say cheese" and pose for the camera, she bends down like this:

We headed over to their house after a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies, and Reagan fell asleep on the way. She was so tuckered out that she stayed asleep when Jason got her out of the car! Luckily she perked up when she saw her PeePaw!

Reagan spent lots of time with MeeMaw, singing songs and climbing on her walker:

And Jason and PeePaw were busy in the kitchen making tomato soup and grilled cheese croutons:

After a delicious lunch and great conversation, Reagan shared some ice cream with PeePaw in what has become a ritual every time we visit:

We said our goodbyes and headed out, with Reagan hitching a ride:

Happy (Belated) Anniversary to two amazing people! Love you both!!


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