Awesome Art Project

I've seen this project done on Pinterest, friends' blogs, and pre-school friendly emails I receive...and the other day, Reagan and I finally got the supplies gathered and put her art table to good use!

A few weeks ago, Michael's was having a great sale on canvases. I decided to pick up a couple for Reagan to paint - she needs some art for her playroom. I know this is something most of you have already done or seen, but Reagan and I had a blast doing it, so I thought I'd recapture it here:

Step 1: Use stickers to spell out a name/make a design/etc

Step 2: Set up paint. We used sponges cut into strips for this step. (Reagan rarely remembers to wash the paint brush between colors, so having one sponge for each color proved to be a better idea.)

Step 3: Let the kiddo go to town painting the canvas. I had to remind her several times to make sure she painted over the stickers. I think that part was a bit confusing for her.

Step 4: Allow canvas to dry completely and then remove stickers. (Our stickers were older and not quite as sticky as they once were, so the paint did bleed under a little bit.)

This was a really fun and easy project that Reagan enjoyed. I just can't believe I waited so long to do it!


  1. The sponge strips is genius! I'll be doing that next time for Mason.


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