Happy Halloween!

About a week before Halloween, I started asking Reagan what she wanted to be for the holiday. She consistently replied, "Witch. Nice witch." I figured it would be an easy costume since we already have a stockpile of dress-up clothes handed down from her friend, Emma, that includes a witch hat and lots of dresses. THEN, Reagan spent the night with Grandma & Papa. She came back to us with a new response, "I be punkin." Yes, within 24 hours, she had changed her mind to something we would now have to buy. We headed out on Tuesday morning in search of a pumpkin costume. It was just after the heavy rain and wind from Sandy, so some stores were still closed, but we managed to check Walmart and Family Dollar, neither of which was of any use to us.

I squatted down next to Reagan in the middle of the nearly-bare-costume aisle and said, "Weasel, I'm sorry, but they don't have a costume for you. We're just going to have to wear something you already have, ok?" Her response, "Ok mama." Seriously? I could have just said that from the get-go?! Alas, I chalked it up to good quality time with the kiddo and we went back to our errands.

Wednesday morning, we headed downstairs where I laid out her costumes to choose from. We have a Dorothy dress, a bumblebee outfit, lots of Disney princess dresses, a witch hat, and a turtle costume (courtesy of Aunt Jessica). She tried on some of the dresses, but really wouldn't decide. I ultimately picked for her because it was cold out and the turtle costume was the warmest:)

That evening, Grandma & Papa arrived and we ate some pizza. As soon as we finished, Reagan donned her costume and grabbed her pumpkin bucket, urging Daddy to COME ON!

Luckily, she cooperated and let me take some pictures first:

Jason had the very smart idea to bring the wagon so Reagan could ride between the houses. Turned out to be a great plan!

 At first, Reagan let us take her to the door. She would clearly say, "Trick or treat!" And after a gentle reminder, she said, "Thank you."

Reagan only let us help her for the first 5 or 6 houses. After that it was this on repeat, "No Mama/Daddy/Papa, I go by me self." She sounded so stinkin' cute I couldn't do anything but stand back and watch! The only time we intervened was when she started walking up to doors and demanding saying, "Candy" when folks would open them!

On one nearby house, we came across this AMAZING pumpkin! In fact, it was so cool, Reagan had to kiss it:)

As we headed back toward our house, I ran in and traded places with Uncle Geoffrey who had joined us. He needed to witness Reagan's penchant for trick-or-treating firsthand! 

The crew returned shortly before 8pm, and Reagan immediately removed her costume and dumped out her "loot!" We let her eat a few pieces, but have since hid the rest from her:) 

Just before giving her a bath, I realized I hadn't gotten any pictures of her in her costume with the family. She was a champ and happily munched on a piece of candy while I dressed her AGAIN and snapped a couple photos.

And as predicted by her father, Reagan did in fact wake up the following morning and say, "I got trick-or-treat again?"


  1. She makes one adorable turtle. I love that she wanted to do it by herself.


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