Shredded Paper Project (Courtesy of Pinterest)

As you know, we recently moved. That meant cleaning out the file cabinet and getting rid of all those old electric bills, water company statements, etc. In the past, we have burned most of our documents like that, but now we are the proud owners of the world's simplest more than 5 sheets at a time. It's also one of the best ways to entertain Reagan! She loves feeding it into the machine (and yes, she's closely supervised during this activity:).

After a great shredding session, I looked at the basket of paper and thought to myself, "There must be something fun we can do with this!" Naturally, I turned to Pinterest. Immediately my screen was flooded with pictures and ideas. I selected this one and got the supplies together before heading downstairs to Reagan's playroom.

Step 1: Shred Paper

Step 2: Line table with wax paper & cover bowl with plastic wrap

Step 3: Mix 2 parts glue, 1 part water

Step 4: Stir glue mixture with spoon

Step 5: Place the handfuls of paper in the glue mixture and mix around until is good and sticky. Stick the paper to the bowl. (I don't have pictures of this step because I was covered in glue and bits of paper:) Continue until bowl is covered. Clean hands and place bits of dry paper on the bowl to cover and bare spots and make it appear more "nest" like.

Step 6: (We added this one) Sprinkle with glitter while still wet

Step 7: Let dry for 12+ hours. Carefully peel away plastic wrap.

Final Product: Shredded paper bird's nest. We're using ours to hold a few pieces of Halloween candy!

What a fun project! Reagan wasn't a big fan of the glue all over her hands, but she really enjoyed placing the handfuls of paper in the glue mixture and sprinkling the bowl with glitter at the end.


  1. Reagan is so cute! It’s a good thing that you decided to do something with all that shredded paper instead of throwing it all away. It would be nice too if you painted the finished paper nest. But I am glad that you both enjoyed making the project together!

    Ruby Badcoe


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