It's a Beautiful Morning!

Last Wednesday morning, Reagan and I met some friends at Ft Belvoir to have a playdate at the park. Unfortunately, the park was too wet from the previous day's rain, so we ended up taking the girls to the food court and letting them eat some cinnamon roll bites and play around the Christmas display. All in all, it was a good morning and Reagan has really enjoyed playing with older children lately, so it was great for her. After that, she and I headed home, stopping briefly at a small river near one of the gates to the base.  She had a blast tossing rocks into the water, and naturally, I took lots of pictures of her doing it.

Reagan's hand-selected "pretty in pink" outfit for the day's outing:)

This kid definitely loves being outside! We are so lucky to live in an area full of nature for her to explore to her heart's desire! 


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